Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moneyball Review

In my opinion Moneyball is one of the best sports dramas ever made. It is not very often a movie that is centered around a sport comes around that can be liked by pretty much anyone, but that is exactly what Moneyball did. With amazing cinematography by the talented Wally Pfister and a great style of directing by Bennett Miller, Moneyball is a great visual treat. The film also features some great original music by the very underrated composer, Mychael Danna. 

In addition to featuring some amazing visuals and great music, Moneyball has an amazing cast that provides some very impressive and gutsy performances. It starts and finishes with Brad Pitt as Oakland A's GM Billy Beane though. It is such a natural performance by Pitt that it seems like he is acting almost effortlessly on the screen. It will surely go down in history as one of the greatest performances that Brad Pitt has ever done as a leading man in his career. The performances by the supporting cast are just as strong as well. With Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Wright all giving some very impressive performances respectively. 

By the end of the film you will be left astonished. It is truly an astounding piece of work that should be recognized for how fundamentally sound it really is. There are not too many movies that come out nowadays that excel in almost every area of the film, from acting to writing to directing. But again, that is what Moneyball was able to do. This is a movie that I would have no problem recommending to someone, whether they are a sports fan or not. It is driven by story and characters more than anything and it is a very moving film that is sure to please many.

Overall Rating: 4/5