Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Stooges Movie Necessary?

A lot has been made of the new "Three Stooges" movie made by the Farrelly brothers. The reviews from the critics tend to be mixed with people either hating it or taking it lightly as a fun tribute to the famous comedy trio. I have not seen the movie yet, but no matter how good or bad the movie really is I would not be offended by it like others apparently have. The thing is the Farrelly brothers are fans of the original Three Stooges, so their intentions obviously were to make a homage to them and to do it well. No director intends to make a bad movie so if by chance it isn't really that good of a flick people should not take it the wrong way and take it as an insult or slap to the face. It is simply a tribute to them and what they stood for and as a slapstick fan I am looking forward to seeing it no matter how I end up judging it in the end. It might not have really been necessary to make, but it was something that the Farrelly brothers wanted to make and I for one am actually looking forward to seeing it.

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